How can I get Excel to properly display special characters in the data export?

You can change Notepad++ themes based on your preference, the programming language you are working upon, or the time of the coding for better viewing. Notepad++ is the widely used code editor with the support for tabbed editing, code folding, syntax highlighting, and limited auto-completion. Even the simplest tools can empower developers to do great […]

Get your own Power Query Editor using Notepad++

Auto save that saves the document in real time upon any change, so you don’t ever have to disturb yourself with it. Speechnotes is completely free & comparable in its accuracy to Dragon Natuarlly Speaking. Many of you told us that in some ways, it even outperforms Dragon. If you need to dictate an article […]

Microsoft starts testing tabs in Notepad for Windows 11

Despite her Microsoft corporate and enterprise slant, I’d expected a Windows veteran to use more applications. Pity no discussion of the difference between Default and Classic file editing experiences. Check if the application has been developed by Microsoft Corporation. If not, then it is not the authentic Windows Notepad. However, if you cannot find Notepad […]

How to download and install Notepad++ editor

To start the process, you need to download the iMyFone D-Back Hard Drive Recovery Expert on the PC. Notepad++ is a good choice for programmers as it supports more than eighty programming languages, code folding, and syntax highlighting. Free, intuitive video editing software for beginners to create marvelous stories easily. Put all your customized icons […]